Friday, January 30, 2004

Skin Too Thin?

Skin Too Thin?

Many conservative commentators refer to John Kerry as "French looking." That's because when President Bush's press secretary jokingly referred to the junior senator from Massachussetts as "looking French," he grossly overreacted, as did his wife.

Now we have further evidence of his hypersensitivity. When RNC Chairman Ed Gillespsie said that Kerry's voting record was one of, "one of advocating policies that would weaken our national security."

"It's a fight, let's face it," Kerry said of Gillespie's remarks. "They don't hesitate to dig down dirty and deep." He called Republicans "attack dogs."

If he's going to react so indignantly to such gentle prodding, then what's he going to do when people really go after him?

Morton Kondracke points out that John Kerry has opposed the B-1 bomber, the B-2 stealth bomber, the Apache helicopter, the Patriot missile, F-15, F-14, the Harrier jump jets, and the Aegis air-defense cruiser.

He also voted to strip $300 million over five years from the CIA and in 1994 proposed to cut $1 billion from the program that coordinates counterterrorism activities.


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