Tuesday, January 27, 2004

So Why Did We Go Into Bosnia Again?

So Why Did We Go Into Bosnia Again?

Human Rights Watch says that Saddam's human rights abuses did not justify war.

In its annual World Report, the New York-based Human Rights Watch also said:

Human rights are deteriorating in Afghanistan due to a reliance by US-led forces on warlords to defeat Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters

The Bush administration uses threats to national security to justify putting executive action in the United States above the law

Russian authorities justify the war in Chechnya as their contribution to the war on terror, while European and other governments ignore appalling human rights abuses there

There was a "moment of hope" in Africa with African leaders trying to stop regional wars and the associated abuses, through bodies like the African Union

Hmmm. Why don't I see anything about Robert Mugabe?


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