Thursday, February 26, 2004

At Least Kerry and Edwards Profess Some Morality

At Least Kerry and Edwards Profess Some Morality

There are plenty of foci for moral outrage out there. But, Kerry and Edwards are competing over who can express the greatest indignation over free trade.

"Trade is a "moral issue," declares Senator John Edwards. The Democratic Presidential candidate is in high dudgeon that "bad trade agreements," by which he means those signed by Bill Clinton, are stealing jobs away from American workers.

It should be no surprise by now that his main competitor, Senator John Kerry, has responded by saying, "Me too." Just as Mr. Kerry parroted the rhetoric of Howard Dean on Iraq, the man who voted for Nafta now claims there is no difference between him and Mr. Edwards on trade. This scion of a Boston Brahmin family that made its fortune from the China trade is now accusing "Benedict Arnold companies and CEOs" of exporting American jobs."

The Wall Street Journal points out that the last presidential candidate to win election on a platform opposing free trade was Herbert Hoover. Remember how well he did?


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