Monday, February 23, 2004

Do Iranians Deserve Less Than Eastern Europeans?

Do Iranians Deserve Less Than Eastern Europeans?

It's hardly surprising that CNN would treat the Iranian election as though it were legitimate. After all, they treated Saddam's reelection as president, in which he supposedly won 100% of the vote with a 100% turnout, as thought it really happened that way. For example, read this nonsense regarding the Iranian election from CNN's website:

"Why did the reformists lose after two big victories in the last parliamentary elections?

They lost a good deal of credibility with the Iranian public because they failed to initiate many of the reforms they had promised. One could argue that in parliament their efforts to legislate reformist bills were blocked at every turn by the hardline Guardian Council. And there is plenty of evidence to back that argument."

One might also argue that mullahs removed the names of most reform candidates from the ballots.

So, what should we do? Stand idly by while maniacs slaughter and oppress their people while building nuclear bombs?
No argues the Wall Street Journal today.

Iranians deserve as much consideration as the Poles did in the eighties and the Iranian rulers are far more dangerous than the puppet Polish government ever was.


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