Wednesday, February 25, 2004

In Defense of Traditional Marriage

In Defense of Traditional Marriage

A Harvard law professor advocates a contitutional amendment defining traditional marriage as a way to preserve equality, not deny it. She argues that traditional marriage has burdens and obligations that gay marriage can never have.

She also argues that diluting marriage will do harm to the social arrangements that have been proven to yield the best social results.

"If these social experiments go forward, moreover, the rights of children will be impaired. Same-sex marriage will constitute a public, official endorsement of the following extraordinary claims made by the Massachusetts judges in the Goodridge case: that marriage is mainly an arrangement for the benefit of adults; that children do not need both a mother and a father; and that alternative family forms are just as good as a husband and wife raising kids together. It would be tragic if, just when the country is beginning to take stock of the havoc those erroneous ideas have already wrought in the lives of American children, we should now freeze them into constitutional law."


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