Wednesday, February 25, 2004

John Kerry: "Bring It On!"

John Kerry: "Bring It On!"

Okay. Since you asked for it.

If it is legitimate for John Kerry to make an issue of President Bush's National Guard Service more than 30 years ago, then it's equally legitimate to examine the disservice John Kerry did around the same time.

The anti-war organization John Kerry founded, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, "was a media favorite: war veterans who were anti-war. Quite a sales pitch. But the more realistic characterization would have been Americans who were anti-American. (Literally, too: One of the documents at is the minutes of a VVAW executive meeting where members decided to take down American flags from all VVAW offices.)

Their goal was not just to sour Americans on the Vietnam war, but to make them hate America and American soldiers."

To either remind yourself of what John Kerry did and said then or to learn about John Kerry for the first time, you can read his own words at


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