Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A Psychopath With Nukes

A Psychopath With Nukes

Another gift of Jimmy Carter's peacemaking, a nuclear armed North Korea. Yes, another achievement from the man who was given a Nobel Peace Prize is coming apart. North Korea has the bomb and it's run by absolute lunatics.

"Today, North Korea acknowledges a plutonium-based nuke program located at Yongbyon. In fact, it brags about it, telling a U.S. delegation last month that it has reprocessed 8,000 uranium fuel rods from the facility's reactor into enough plutonium for up to six nuclear weapons. (U.S. intelligence officials aren't sure whether this is boast or bluster.)"

Now, thanks to Carter and Clinton, the United States and her east Asian allies get to go to the bargaining table and pretend to negotiate, which will likely just be another grandstanding session for the North Koreans.


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