Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Shouldn't Kerry Be Proud of His Liberalism?

Shouldn't Kerry Be Proud of His Liberalism?

What Kerry says these days is often contradicted by his voting record.

"In the stump speech he delivers virtually every day, Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) stirs the Democratic faithful by railing against current trade practices and slamming President Bush's policies on education, civil liberties and Iraq.

But the Democratic front-runner does not mention how he, as senator, supported the president on all four issues, helping cement in law what he often describes as flawed government policies.

Kerry's past support for policies he now condemns is complicating his run for the White House, strategists from both parties say, and could prove problematic in a general election showdown with Bush. The president himself seized on this contrast in his opening attack on Kerry at a dinner last night of the Republican Governors Association."

If you're a Democrat, and even the Washingtop Post takes note of your weaknesses and dishonesty, you're going to be big, fat juicy target for the Republicans.

And, I doubt that Kerry's stock answer, that his service in Vietnam excuses everything, will work long, if at all. He's already becoming a caricature.


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