Friday, February 27, 2004

When Democrats and Republicans Oppose Gay Marriage

When Democrats and Republicans Oppose Gay Marriage

Perhaps the most glaring examples of media bias occur in the way that it responds when Democrats and Republicans take the same stands. When Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act, reaction from the press was not lauditory, but Clinton wasn't villified either. Now that Bush has come out against homosexual marriage, he is being torn to pieces for pandering to his extreme right wing base.

Meanwhile , John Kerry gets a complete pass for trying to come down on both sides of the issue, which should tell everyone what sort of principles the man has.

"Even John Kerry and John Edwards claim they don't want gay marriage. So why are they not derided as bigots, especially now that Mr. Kerry has just endorsed a state constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage for Massachusetts? Plainly it's because their own supporters think these men don't believe what they feel they must say--and can be counted on not to back their words up with action when the crunch comes."

The cultural left admires these men precisely because it believes that they are liars.


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