Saturday, February 21, 2004

Why Can't Democrats Defend Free Trade?

Why Can't Democrats Defend Free Trade?

I can only remember one prominent Democrat, Al Gore, defending free trade. Criticizing free trade is now universal among Democratic candidates. Even John Kerry, who voted for free trade won't stand up for it. It's like his war vote. He voted for free trade, but now says that it's somebody else's fault for the way things turned out.

Now, John Edwards is saying that he favors protectionism as a "moral" issue.

Why can't a Democrat say, yes, free trade does send some jobs overseas, but it also even more jobs here in the United States. And, as it lifts the economy of poorer nations, it creates trading partners. And, if as Democrats claim that poverty causes terrorism, then isn't it good for the United State's security to trade jobs with these poor nations?

Ah. That's one of the great things about being a Democrat. You don't have to make long speeches or be terribly consistent. Your voters don't have long attention spans anyway.


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