Monday, March 29, 2004

Another European Endorsement for Kerry

A Frenchman for Kerry: "Of course, Mr. Kerry isn't popular among the uneducated people and "white trash" supporting Mr. Bush. Neither among Mr. Bush's usual buddies: oil and finance sharks, hysterical South Protestants and other KKK members."

And, the white trash responds. "I really got a kick out of the Frenchman Bernard Marchois's letter. In one paragraph he refers to "huge impoverishment" in the U.S. and in the next "it would be better for the world and the U.S. to have a night pot in the Oval Office than Mr. Bush."

I had to look up what a "night pot" is, and as best I can tell it's something that people in impoverished European countries use for defecating in at night. That such a term is in his vocabulary and absent from ours speaks volumes about relative impoverishment."

--Michael Muczynski


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