Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Crock of Baloney

This is low, even by the standards of the New York Times. The Time's notes Bill Clinton's many failures in confronting terrorism, but then argues, "there was at least no question about the Clinton administration's commitment to combat terrorism, and on occasion, like the December 1999 alert that appears to have averted an attack on the Los Angeles airport, it produced results."

The Times notes Clinton's one big success - preventing an attack on the LA airport in 1999.

I remember that. A border guard in Washington state was suspicious of a man crossing from Canada and decided to search his car. He found bomb making materials. Until the explosives were discovered, for all the border guard knew, the guy was trying to smuggle Cuban cigars.

Compare that with Bush's successes. Two regimes that once harbored and supported terrorism have been overthrown and replaced with friendly governments. Pakistan, which was once allied with the Taliban is now our staunchest ally in the region. Libyan, another terrorist state has gotten religion and has abandoned its WMD program and disavowed terrorism.

You tell me which president has done more to combat terrorism. You tell me who was committed.


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