Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Dumb Jock Killed In Afghanistan

The Left shows its true colors. A pro-Kerry organization calling itself the "Independent Media Center" is pleased that Pat Tillman is dead.

"[Pat] Tillman chose to go to Afghanistan. He's partially reponsible for the deaths of hundreds, maybe thousands of Afghan civilians. No need to feel sorry for him, other than feeling bad that he was brainwashed into serving as a grunt."

"It's amazing the kind of attention this insignificant incident is going to cause. well, he was rich, white, and an american. 10,000 (brown) iraqis get killed, and it barely merits a mention in the american news. how utterly f---ing sad."

"If he 'sacrificed' anything it was his common sense. He had a good American thing going and blew it."


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