Wednesday, May 26, 2004

John Kerry Most Ridiculous Pander - You Choose

It's not easy to lower people's opinion of opportunists. But John Kerry seems determined to achieve just that.

First, there was his call for President Bush to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, in response to high gasoline prices. With a war raging in the Middle East, the last thing we need to do is reduce our own petroleum reserves for the sake of an election-year quick fix.

Kerry knows better. But he has to come up with something that at least gives the appearance of proposing his own policies and agendas, instead of just bashing Bush.

This was not an isolated example of Kerry's opportunism. His whole campaign is based on opportunism. He voted for money to support the war in Iraq -- and he also voted against it, as he himself has said.

Back in the 1970s, John Kerry protested the Vietnam war by symbolically throwing away his medals -- apparently. In reality, it turned out that he kept his medals, and threw away someone else's.

Senator Kerry told the automobile workers that he was proud to drive an SUV. But that isn't what he said to the environmentalists. Now he was pointing out that his family owned the SUV, not him.


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