Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Times Still Can'lt Handle the Truth

The New York Times couln't quite bring itself to present a story honestly. It actually carried Adminstration rebuttals of Democratic slanders, but had to include this line at the bottom.

In his speech, Mr. Cheney echoed the argument of Mr. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld in the past week that Democrats had access to the same prewar intelligence that the White House did, and that they came to the same conclusion that Mr. Hussein was a threat.

The administration, however, had access to far more extensive intelligence than Congress did. The administration also left unaddressed the question of how it had used that intelligence, which was full of caveats, subtleties and contradictions. Many Democrats now say they believe they had been misled by the administration in the way it presented the prewar intelligence.

For anybody who cares to read it, the bipartisan Sentate Intelligence Committee's report is available. It blames the intelligence community for errors in intelligence collection and interpretation, finds no effort by the administration to distort intelligence, and was signed by some of Bush's harshest critics. Perhaps someone should provide the New York Times with a copy so their reporting may be more informed.


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