Saturday, December 17, 2005

Am I Missing Something?

From what I've been able to glean from this phony scandal about George Bush spying on Americans, comes down to this. In the course of monitoring known or suspected terrorists overseas, occasionally one of these terrorists makes or receives a call to or from someone in the United States.
In those circumstances, what President Bush essentially ordered is that intelligence services do not hang up.
Last night on Fox News' Hannity and Colmes, Victoria Toensing, who had some part in developing the strategy confirmed as much.
Makes sense to me. Isn't that precisely what we would want to know? Why is everyone so pissed off?
I agree fully with Scott Ott's view.

And, although Scott Ott is just kidding, this line from the AP story linked to above has this paragraph: The intelligence official would not provide details on the operations or examples of success stories. He said senior national security officials are trying to fix problems raised by the Sept. 11 commission, which found that two of the suicide hijackers were communicating from San Diego with al-Qaida operatives overseas.

"We didn't know who they were until it was too late," the official said.

In other words, we very well could have prevented 9/11 if this program had been in place before.


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