Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Enemy That Must Not Be Named

Morocco and the United Nations are reluctant to identify the wellspring of terrorism.

Regarding the [2003] Casablanca attacks:
The number 2 of the Moroccan DST [equivalent of the FBI] at the time, Noureddine Benbrahim, revealed to agents working for French intelligence that:
“To blame Al Sirat Al Moustakim (the group presented as responsible for the bombings) was a decision made with the French and the Americans to limit the impact on the domestic situation”.

“Because to say that these attacks were Bin Laden’s responsibility:
Would create total panic in the country”
“And the fury of Saudi Arabia”, could have very well added Benbrahim…

According to a French Defense ministry 2003 memo:
Benbrahim also told the French spies that at least 2 nationals of the Gulf - a Saudi and an Emirati - were among the terrorists but that the Moroccan Interior ministry kept silent “to protect Morocco’s friends”.

Here lies a major dilemma for Morocco:
How to fight efficiently terrorism when one needs the influx of capital from the Gulf and does not want to anger Saudi Arabia whose perverse ideological propaganda in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s is no secret for anybody?


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