Friday, April 20, 2007

Hillary's Thuggery Alienating Potential Supporters

We certainly get a glimpse of what kind of leader Hillary Clinton promises to be should she become president. Democratic fundraisers are rebelling against her strong arm tactics and are joining her opponents' campaigns.

The strategists said the exodus is growing as Mrs. Clinton's campaign applies pressure to uncommitted party donors to join her fundraising team or pledge to sit out the party's nominating process.
"The Clinton camp has been very tough on contributors. I've heard that 'if you don't contribute to us, don't contribute to another campaign.' I've heard that," said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, who just joined the campaign of former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards and managed Howard Dean's ill-fated 2004 presidential bid.

Meanwhile, she spends far more money on pollsters than any other candidate trying to divine what the public wants her to say, so that she can morph into whatever the voters want to here.

Neither is a form of leadership.



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