Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Huma Abedin - International Woman Of Mystery

Who is Huma Abedin? She's icier than Hillary. She might be Hillary's lesbian lover.

She's also supposedly gorgeous, although we all know that standards for Democrat women are considerably lower than Republicans'.

Interestingly, a Yahoo search for a picture returned no results, although similar search on Google turned up quite a few, including this one. I think she'd pass for a Republican.

It's rumored that she lives with the Clintons, which might be keeping Bill happy too.

Update: Anthony Weiner has the hots for Huma!

We can add one more piece of the Huma Abedin jigsaw puzzle: She has very poor judgement when it comes to men.

Asked by The Associated Press about all the time he's spending on the road campaigning for Clinton, the 43-year-old bachelor said, "It's largely because I'm dating Huma."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, you're a sad little man.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous ciscoheat said...

Look how wrong all your little pathetic thoughts were. Huma married Weiner...guess that blows up your crack pot theory. Oh, bu the way, the picture I landed on has "hot republicans" and "donkey democrats." however...Laura Bush was included in the hot republican list. Really? I disrespect to her, but I would not say she is "hot."

This is what happens when you allow the least common denominator to post anything they want online...Got to love that first amendment! ;)

1:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Proof that any idiot can make shit up

1:51 PM  

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