Friday, March 30, 2012

Liberals Too Touchy

Seth Meyer thinks that liberals can't take a joke because they're too sensitive. He's wrong. They can't take a joke because they are so accustomed to being insulated from any criticism.
Sun: Have you had any weird comments or negative reactions from political figures because of sketches?
Meyers: There haven’t really been any weird things, but the nice thing for me is that Lorne [Michaels] instills in us to try and never write a joke that you would be embarrassed to see the person. So it’s funny when you do the Correspondents' Dinner and I’ll run into Sarah Palin and say hello, because we met when she did the show and John McCain’s such a friend of the show. I feel like the weird thing is when you make a joke about a liberal, they’re probably more sensitive about it because they assume it’s a safer place for them.


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