Friday, March 23, 2012

Obama: Drill Here, Drill Now?

Suddenly Barack Hussein Obama is all for oil drilling, rhetorically anyway.
President Obama is now trying to appear aggressive about freeing America from foreign oil dependency … by lying. In New Mexico today, Obama said, “If you hear anybody on TV saying that somehow we are against drilling for oil, then you will know that they either don’t know what they are talking about or they are not telling you the truth.” He continued, “You have my word that we will keep drilling everywhere we can … That’s a commitment that I make.”

Everywhere? A Congressional Research Service report shows 96 percent of increased oil production past 5 years occurred on non-federal lands the president doesn’t control, and that in 2011, production on federal land including offshore more than 3 miles out declined while production increases on non-federal land outpaced that decline. This means that under the newly-self-proclaimed hero for oil independence, oil production on the lands he controls has declined.


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