Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tina Brown: Conservative Mole?

Wherever she goes, leftist media dies.
Newsweek is dying, but Tina Brown, its editor in chief, refuses to give up the ghost. Interviewed on Nightline, Brown acknowledged that although the $30 million Newsweek is reportedly losing is an exaggeration, the magazine is still in the red: “We are certainly not losing that amount, but we aren’t making money yet and we won’t make money for another couple of years, but we will as long as we can build the brand back up again…” In 2010, Brown took an aggressive posture toward the Magazine’s financial woes, claiming that Newsweek would be profitable in two years. Now she’s more careful: ““I think we are sort of 40 percent there … It seems to me that we have stopped Newsweek from failing and we are now on our way back up.”

The two years are up, and advertising revenues are down $20 million.


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