Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Answering CNN's Idiot "Meteorologist"

No, tornadoes are not proof of global warming.
So, let me get this straight: a tornado in Texas in April is extreme? Tuesday's small EF-2 tornado was the result of global warming/climate change/climate disruption? Really!  Who'd have thunk it!

The ridiculousness continued: "This global warming is really kind of a misnomer,” the CNN Weather Anchor said. “It’s global climate change. So...severe is more severe.”

And this isn't the first time you may have heard these claims. Many media outlets, newspapers, bloggers are jumping on the "weather extremes is climate change" bandwagon.

First of all, as my grandfather used to say, "This is absolute HOGWASH!"

There is no evidence that tornadoes and severe storms are increasing in frequency or becoming stronger.  Oh, it may look like tornadoes are bigger and meaner and more frequent. But, experts admit that's because of technology. Better radars now detect even the smallest twisters, which would likely have gone unreported decades ago.

Also, no self-respecting tornado can touch down anymore without being harassed by camera wielding storm chasers. That video is instantly uploaded to a TV set or computer screen near you. We see a lot more pictures of tornadoes today than we ever did in decades past. Furthermore, increases in available disaster assistance aid have encouraged more frequent reporting of smaller storms in efforts to get disaster aid.

According to Balling & Cerveny, 2003, If you count only category F4 and F5 tornado events, "which are relatively consistently detectable and recorded, there is no trend in tornado numbers over the past 100 years."


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