Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chelsea Clinton Sucks

And how NBC is trying to deal with it.
We’ve entered into a kind of Clinton renaissance: Hillary is now officially Internet famous—LOLZ, bitches, etc—and Bill, universally beloved, is giving the keynote to a gathering of Nobel Peace Laureates next week in Chicago, still hot on the quest for his own big prize. (Carter has one. Gore has one. Obama has one.)

Then there’s Chelsea Clinton, the former first daughter, and NBC’s latest high profile hire.
With Chelsea, it’s complicated.

To get the TV gig, Chelsea’s team played off rival networks, holding a series of meetings in New York last fall with all the major television news outlets, including ABC, CBS, and CNN. “Her agent calls, asks if you want to meet with Chelsea Clinton, you take the meeting,” one network executive tells BuzzFeed.
But she didn’t blow anyone away with her presence during the interview process, according to network executives who interviewed her. “Horrible,” says another high ranking TV executive who met with Chelsea. “There were ground rules, what she could and couldn’t report, only good news, no politics, ” says the executive, who felt Chelsea would be a dud and passed.


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