Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fraudsters For Obama!

If you come with a thick enough wad of cash, then the Obamatons won't look too closely at where it came from.
The astronomical cost of running for the White House requires an army of bundlers, many of whom are strangers to the campaign. And as candidates quickly learn, it is no small task to woo — and vet — those citizen fundraisers.

Presidential hopefuls in the past have suffered through months of scandal-by-association when reports of tarnished donors have surfaced.

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign agreed in 2007 to return $850,000 in contributions gathered by Norman Hsu after it became known he had evaded arrest on charges of leading an illegal investment scheme.

Last month, the Obama campaign said it would return $200,000 in donations from the Chicago-area brothers of a Mexican casino magnate linked to violence and corruption.
I think the Post means the astronomical cost of Obama running for president. Nobody has ever come close to raising more or spending more money.


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