Saturday, April 28, 2012

I have just a few observations, questions and animadversions.

Question number 1: Why is Barack Obama’s presidential campaign accepting campaign contributions from Jon Corzine?

There are few people walking this earth with a history more drenched with sleaze than Jon Corzine.

He served as CEO of the investment firm Goldman Sachs, and in the process pocketed somewhere in the neighborhood of half a billion dollars. This might imply that he was a crafty businessman, but in fact, he and Goldman-Sachs were making money by repackaging subprime mortgages into derivatives and reselling them to unsuspecting investors by concealing the risks inherent in those derivatives.

Goldman Sachs, and Jon Corzine were central to the 2008 financial crisis.

With a record like that, the next natural step was for Corzine to run for the US Senate as a Democrat. A few years later, he spent $40 million of his fortune to purchase residence in the New Jersey governor’s mansion.

He immediately used the skills he honed at Goldman Sachs to plunge New Jersey billions of dollars into debt. The residents of New Jersey had their fill and, in 2009, did what was previously considered unthinkable and replaced him with a Republican.

Corzine was not unemployed long. His White House connections gained him an appointment as CEO of MF Global, which after less than two years of his stewardship, was bankrupt. Worse than that, 1.2 billion dollars simply disappeared without a trace.

One cannot innocently lose $1.2 billion. The man responsible should be the subject of a criminal investigation. One might ask why he isn’t in jail already.

The answer might be that Corzine has raised at least half a million dollars for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. One need only search Obama’s campaign website to learn that Corzine ranks among Obama’s top fundraisers.

It’s hard to imagine that the president of the United States would accept campaign contributions from a man who, by all rights, should be under criminal investigation by his Justice Department. But, Obama did promise us fundamental change. Certainly his predecessor would not have knowingly and flagrantly accepted money from someone his Department of Justice might soon be prosecuting.

Question number 2: How many times will the mainstream news media permit Obama to get away with his bumper sticker inspired lies about US oil consumption and production? He regularly claims that the US uses 20% of the world’s oil production, while possessing only 2% of the world’s reserves. In fact, thanks to the policies of Obama’s predecessor, the United States is on track to become the world’s largest oil producing nation. The New York Times predicted that we would be free of foreign oil dependency by 2020, assuming that Obama fails in his crusade to shut down oil exploration.

If even the New York Times can figure that out, then where are the rest of the media? For that matter, does the rest of the New York Times’ staff even read their own paper’s business section?

Question number 3: Since Obama took office the price of gasoline has more than doubled. His Interior Secretary testified this week that it might double again. Or more!

The inflation rate for college tuition far exceeds that of the consumer price index. It rose 8.3% just last year, more than double the rate of inflation elsewhere in the economy.

Half of all college graduates who matriculated since Obama took office are either unemployed or underemployed.

So, somebody please tell me why anybody should be impressed with a promised extension of subsidized student loan interest rates.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier on graduates if they could find jobs and didn’t have to spend so much filling their tanks?

Question number 4: Just how desperate is the left if they’re going to keep attacking Romney’s religious faith?

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has several times smeared all Mormons. Martin Bashir even went so far as to claim that Mitt Romney couldn’t be a good president because he doesn’t drink enough alcohol.

The Democrat governor of Montana criticized Romney because of Mormonism’s historical polygamy, even though the last polygamist in Romney’s family was three generations ago.

This should be particularly perilous territory for the left, because if it’s suddenly okay to judge candidates by their faith, then can’t we start reexamining Obama’s two decade long association with the racist, anti-American reverend Jeremiah Wright?

 And by the way, the last polygamist in Obama’s lineage was his father.


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