Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Just Gets Worser And Worser For Bev Perdue

This woman's term of office can't end soon enough.
North Carolina Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue admitted late Tuesday evening that she has known about the allegations of sexual harassment within her state’s Democratic Party for at least several months.

“My team first heard of the personnel matter at the State Party late last year,” Perdue said in a statement. “They promptly relayed these rumors to the party officials responsible for handling personnel matters — the Chairman and the party’s legal counsel, who were already aware of the issue.”

According to local news outlet WRAL, Perdue spokesman Marc Farinella added that Perdue was made aware of the nature of the allegations back then as well.

“The governor was told that a party employee was alleging harassment by the executive director and that the executive director was categorically denying the allegation,” Farinella said. “She was also told that the chairman and legal counsel had launched a process to address the issue in an appropriate manner consistent with applicable law.”


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