Thursday, April 26, 2012

John Edwards Calls The Mother Of His Child "A Crazy Slut"

Perhaps it’s a bad sign if John Edwards tells you that he loves you. But Andrew Young, who finished his third day of testimony for the prosecution, already had pretty fair warning—he had claimed to be the father of a child that wasn’t his; had his wife deposit a check for a hundred thousand dollars for “furniture” under her maiden name (“Tables could cost that much,” Edwards said, according to Young); dodged the National Enquirer; and gone on a road trip with Rielle Hunter, the mother of Edwards’s baby girl, that cost about two hundred thousand dollars plus the psychic toll of hearing Hunter talk about the “energy” of hotel rooms—before Edwards told him “that he loved me and that I knew he would never abandon me.” According to the Times, he testified that a few minutes before that they had been arguing loudly and almost hit each other. That moment of actual anger sounds like one of the saner points in this story. 

What did Young, or any of us, see in Edwards? What did Edwards see in Hunter, for whom he risked his marriage, despite telling Young, according to his testimony yesterday, “that she was ‘a crazy slut,’ and there was a ‘one-in-three chance’ that it was his child.” In quoting that, I don’t mean to imply that his characterization was in any sense fair; but it does say a good deal about, first, a view of women, and, second, about the assumption that the view is widely enough shared that one would talk that way in a bid for support. Rielle Hunter may not be the most sympathetic figure (though her daughter certainly is)—a hotel room with bad energy, according to Young, seems to have mostly been one that wasn’t nice enough—but that adds no points to Edwards’s column. It only makes the story more unpleasant.


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