Monday, April 16, 2012

The Most Disliked Member Of Congress Is...

Nancy Pelosi. Hardly a surprise. She doesn't like Americans either. We're just returning her contempt.
In Boehner's case, 37% hold him in a favorable view, the highest, according to Rasmussen.

How shall we put this minor achievement? The next least favorable congressional leader is Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican leader from Kentucky. He's followed closely in tiny favorables by Nancy Pelosi at 31%, trailed by fellow grumpy Democrat Harry "Don't You Dare Call Me Happy" Reid with only 27% favorable.

On the other side of the like scale, Pelosi is the easy winner of the most unfavorable rating, pulling away with nearly two-out-of-three (60%), and trailed by, of course, another Democrat, Reid with 48% unfavorable.

Next highest unfavorable is Boehner at 42% with McConnell the winner of sorts of least disliked at 36% unfavorable.


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