Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Most Important Vote In America This Year?

It's terribly important, but I'm only ranking it as number 2.
In just the first few months of the passage of the reforms, local governments across the state [of Wisconsin] have used the new tools to balance their budgets without having to resort to tax hikes or draconian across-the-board spending cuts. The state itself has quickly swung from a trend of multi-billion dollar deficits to balance and fiscal sanity. In short, Walker's reforms worked. And, boy, are the public sector unions ever pissed about it. 

Immediately after the passage of the reforms, the public sector unions threw their considerable political weight behind efforts to recall several GOP senators. They also targeted a state Supreme Court special election, hoping that, having failed in the legislature, they could put a sycophantic judge on the bench to throw out the new reforms. Despite spending tens of millions of their members hard-earned dollars, the unions failed in these efforts. 

Now, in a last ditch battle against the new reforms, the unions are banking everything on an effort to 'recall' the author of the reforms, Scott Walker. Tens of millions of dollars and rank-and-file union members will pour into Wisconsin from all over the country.


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