Friday, April 20, 2012

MSM Scrambles To Cover Obama's Economic Failures

When George W. Bush was president, all the media could talk about was the misery of a 5% unemployment rate. Today, the media do all they can to make an 8.2% unemployment rate look great.
[T]he media continues to trumpet their calls of triumph for the Obama economy, despite the loosened money policy that creates an artificially inflated market. CBS, one of the arms of the vast left-wing conspiracy, hilariously titled a piece on the economy, “Economic outlook dim, but improving.” NBC, not to be outdone, had Matt Lauer say to Sarah Palin,  "Some people would say if things seem to get better, or be getting better, why would I take that chance and change the person in the White House?” And ABC? How’s this? George Stephanopolous, in March, “The economy has added more jobs than expected in each of the past three months…”  And just whose expectations was he referring to?


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