Monday, April 09, 2012

NBC's Sordid History Of Race Baiting

The un-named producer who was supposedly fired for deceptively editing George Zimmerman's 911 phone call to the police was just carrying on an old NBC family tradition.
[U]nder Capus' leadership, NBC News has twice before maliciously edited newscasts in order to inflame racial division and attack conservatives--all, of course, in an effort to help Barack Obama.
In August of 2009, NBC's Contessa Brewer (who still has the same job) used deceptive editing so that that MSNBC viewers wouldn't know that the man carrying firearms to a Tea Party was a black man. This allowed Brewer to then host a segment about how racist the Tea Party is towards President Obama and how this racism might just lead to the unthinkable--the assassination of our President:

That is fear-mongering, race-baiting, and malicious editing at its worst -- all under the watchful eye of NBC's "arbiter of issues involving ethics," Steve Capus. 

But of course the only message sent by Capus afterward was that, if you do the most unethical act imaginable at NBC, you get to keep your job. 

Which probably explains why just a couple years later, NBC's Ed Schultz did the exact same thing to Texas Governor Rick Perry, who was then a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination: 

And guess who still has a job? Well, thanks to NBC's "arbiter of issues involving ethics," that would be Ed Schultz. 


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