Thursday, April 19, 2012

A New Definition For Awkward?

So, file this under awkward. A man who went online to look at porn "for the first time" in his life (while he was in a coffee shop) was treated to the shock of his life when he saw his wife of 16 years boning a bunch of dudes in said porno films. I mean, you think you know someone ... 

After seeing the unsettling clips, the man, identified as Ramadan, ran home to confront his wife -- who, of course, at first denied it. But then when Ramadan showed her the clips -- you know, the ones starring her and her ladybits -- she had no choice but to come clean and admit her dirty past. What she did after that, though, is downright shocking

She told Ramadan that despite their almost two-decade-long marriage, and despite the four children they had together, she never loved him. That's right, Ramadan had been had. Joke was on him. And if that wasn't enough salt in his wounds, the pornos were made with an ex-boyfriend of hers. So there. As Ramadan explained: "[My wife] first denied it and accused me of being insane before I faced her with the films ... she then confessed to be still in love with her boyfriend, saying he is as young as her and that I am an old man." Nice. 


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