Friday, April 06, 2012

US Army Investigating Gay Pride Flag Raising In Afghanistan

I'm not sure what they're so bothered about. Maybe the "offending" soldier was just showing respect to Afghan elders.
The Pentagon is looking into photographs of a soldier allegedly raising a gay pride rainbow flag at a base in Afghanistan.

Army Lt. Col. Jimmie E. Cummings Jr., a spokesman for NATO and U.S. forces in Afghanistan, told The Daily Caller that the military is trying to authenticate the photographs.

“I would not call it an ‘investigation,’ but we are looking to see … if the picture was taken somewhere here in Afghanistan or not,” Cummings told TheDC. “We have not been able to verify the photograph as of yet to determine who or where these pictures were taken.”
Considering that prosperous Afghan men enjoying boning little boys, nobody in the host country should have a problem with it.
The 9-year-old boy with pale skin and big, piercing eyes captivated Mirzahan at first sight.

“He is more handsome than anyone in the village,” the 22-year-old farmer said, explaining why he is grooming the boy as a sexual partner and companion. There was another important factor that made Waheed easy to take on as a bacha bazi, or a boy for pleasure: “He doesn’t have a father, so there is no one to stop this.”

A growing number of Afghan children are being coerced into a life of sexual abuse. The practice of wealthy or prominent Afghans exploiting underage boys as sexual partners who are often dressed up as women to dance at gatherings is on the rise in post-Taliban Afghanistan, according to Afghan human rights researchers, Western officials and men who participate in the abuse.


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