Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Barack Obama And John Edwards: Equally Guilty?

Mickey Kaus asks a great question. John Edwards is on trial for using a friend's money to hide his mistress. We now know that an Obama pal offered Obama's lunatic pastor $150,000 to STFU. 

From a legal perspective, what's the difference?
Maybe I’m missing something, but if Obama’s pal Dr. Eric Whitaker did offer Rev. Wright $150,000 to stay silent for the duration of the campaign, as charged by Ed Klein, how exactly is that different from John Edwards’ pal Fred Baron giving Rielle Hunter money to stay out of the limelight for the duration of the campaign? It’s a good question asked by lawyer/blogger Ted Frank. … Like Frank and Prof. Rick Hasen, I think the Edwards prosecution is misguided, potentially criminalizing lots of donations that might have ulterior political motives (like money spent funding think tanks or making hagiographic documentary movies). But if what Edwards did is fair game for prosecutors, why isn’t what Obama potentially did (assuming you could show a) that Obama knew of Whitaker’s offer, and b) also that he knew it was illegal–the latter being something the prosecution has had trouble proving in the Edwards matter)? …


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