Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boston Globe "Forced" To Report The News

Fortunately for Bostonians, the left wing Globe has competition - the Boston Herald.

In a Politico article this weekend that described the competition between the two Boston dailies -- the feisty and conservative Herald and the Globe, which is a part of the legacy media -- the Politico authors dismiss the Herald as a “tabloid” on four separate occasions. 

To be fair, the authors quoted a fair number of conservatives expressing their outrage at the liberal Globe’s lack of coverage of the Warren issue. But dismissing the Herald as just a tabloid reveals Politico’s bias -- that only those who have the seal of approval from the legacy media are somehow allowed in the club of "proper" journalists, whatever that is nowadays. 

To Politico, the Globe is a part of that oh-so-esteemed club even though, in the weeks after the Herald story broke, the paper falsely reported that Warren had documentation which showed she had Cherokee blood, then subsequently buried its correction in the back pages of the print edition. The Globe allowed new media outlets like Breitbart News to scoop their local reporters in revealing documents Harvard had submitted to the federal government indicating Warren was a Native American, a scoop the Globe would later shamelessly claim as their own two weeks later.

The Globe’s reporting on the Warren case would be insulting even to “tabloids.”


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