Thursday, May 17, 2012

Democrats Add Stalking To Their Political Bag Of Dirty Trick

And they even document their own stalking.
The campaign of 25-year-old California congressional candidate Ricky Gill is accusing Democratic-aligned trackers of stalking him after uncovering several YouTube videos showing the Republican candidate being secretly followed.

The footage shows Gill walking in the hallway of his law school, and also showed his car and home. The videos have since been removed from the video-uploading site, but Gill’s campaign saved the footage and provided a compilation to The Daily Caller.

“This kind of behavior is out of bounds,” campaign spokesman Colin Hunter told TheDC on Wednesday afternoon. “It is much more accurately characterized as stalking than tracking.”

Campaigns and political organizations use trackers armed with cameras to follow opposing candidates to public events in hopes of catching them in an embarrassing moment.


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