Monday, May 14, 2012

Even Liberal Fact Checkers Call Democrats Liars

The Obamatons have been smearing the Koch brothers with the worst insult in their vocabulary - "Big Oil!"

Booga booga!

The Koch brothers have an unlikely ally in the war of words with their liberal adversaries: the nation’s journalistic fact-checkers.

Both The Washington Post’s Fact Checker blog and the nonpartisan site have dinged critics of David and Charles Koch in recent weeks for referring to the billionaire brothers as Big Oil.


Because Koch Industries’ business interests extend well beyond the company’s involvement in petroleum refining and other oil-based operations. And while no corporate midget, the company isn’t anywhere near as big as true oil giants like ExxonMobil.

“So even if all of Koch Industries’ revenues came from its refining business — which they do not — they would still be a fraction of the revenues of the companies that actually represent ‘Big Oil,’” the critique read.
I disagree with the Politico on one critical point. Fact checkers are not "unlikely" allies of conservatives.


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