Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iranian Exiles Expose Nuclear Weapons Program

While Obama chooses to hide his head in the sand, Iranian exiles are warning the world.
In the six-page report shown to Reuters, the NCRI cited sources in the Iranian government and military as saying some 60 scientists were pursuing bomb-relevant research in 11 agencies operating clandestinely under defense ministry control.

"Information ... shows that the clerical regime has expanded the organization responsible for nuclear weapons development," the report said. "This finding reveals a complete and elaborate, and highly ... secret research structure and a network for procurement of the required parts and equipment.

"So far, the identities of 60 directors and experts working in various parts of the New Defense Research Organization and 11 institutions and companies affiliated with it have been detailed," the report went on.

It featured diagrams said to lay out the disguised command structure and named scientists and engineers involved.

The NCRI, an umbrella bloc of five opposition groups in exile that seek an end to Shi'ite Muslim clerical rule in Iran, urged the International Atomic Energy Agency to launch a "robust probe" into Iran's nuclear program and all personnel involved.


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