Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Is Obama An Apostate?

In Islam, leaving the faith is a capital offense. If this is accurate, and Klein says that he has it  on tape, Obama did just that and is therefore under a death sentence.
In an email, Klein said Whitaker had offered Wright $150,000 “if he would shut-up and not criticize Obama anymore.” When Wright refused Whitaker’s offer, Klein said Obama himself personally met with Wright, which supposedly took place after Obama’s March 18, 2008 “race speech,” confirmed by both Wright’s word and the U.S. Secret Service logs.

Whitaker, who attended Harvard Graduate School in the early 1990s with Obama, was known for having been a proponent of Obama’s health care legislation.

Klein also said Wright told him he “made it comfortable” for Obama to accept Christianity without having to renounce his “Islamic background,” which Klein said he has on tape.


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