Monday, May 14, 2012

Obama Blows British Secret Agent For Political Advantage

There certainly was no obvious intelligence justification for Obama's telling the world about an intricate undercover operation. The obvious course of action would have been to arrest the agent and "disappear" him. That way, Al Qaida would have been left wondering how the US had detected the bomb.

Now that Al Qaida has been told by the Obama regime that they've been penetrated, a whole carefully built network has been blown.
As the story broke, the establishment media was more than happy to attribute the intelligence coup to the CIA and the Obama administration, describing the mole as a “CIA informant.”

It turns out that wasn’t true. The double-agent hadn’t been recruited and placed by the CIA, but by British intelligence, who also managed the operation. In fact, the Americans had only recently been made aware of the joint British-Saudi effort.

The leaks about the operation from the American side have infuriated British intelligence officials, who had hoped to continue the operation. The leaks not only scuttled the mission but put the life of the asset in jeopardy. Even CIA officials, joining their MI5 and MI6 counterparts, were describing the leaks as “despicable,” attributing them to the Obama administration.


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