Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama Told The Truth

Dog bites man. Or may, we should say, Obama bites dog.
It turns out that Barack Hussein Obama did graduate from Columbia University after all. Even if nobody there remembers him.
This never-before-seen document debunks a persistent myth that is unfairly unfavorable to the President.

Some “fact-checking” websites--such as and attempted to debunk the “Obama never graduated Columbia” conspiracy theory before. Yet they have relied almost entirely on secondary sources and mainstream media reports, which fail to cite primary sources. And the Obama campaign has not provided details of his admission to, or graduation from, the prestigious Ivy League school.

Crucially, Obama has refused to release his college transcripts from Columbia and Occidental College, which certainly do exist. Other candidates--such as George W. Bush--released their transcripts, though their grades were not necessarily flattering. 

The mainstream media has clamored for, and investigated, and leaked information about other presidential candidates. But not Barack Obama--not in 2008, and not now.


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