Friday, May 04, 2012

Politico Beclowns Itself

I remember back when The Politico first came out, it looked like it might be interesting and refreshing. But today, its writers, who were recruited from the mainstream news media, have reverted to their original form, earning the moniker, "Hypocritico."
“The far left-wing blog Politico ran a piece on the front page today taking a cheap shot at us here at Fox, specifically our chairman Mr. Roger Ailes,” Bolling said. “They claim that Republicans make it their business to swing by Fox. OK, and your point the is what, Politico? Sure, GOPs come by Fox. Democrats are welcome here, too. Newsmakers come by Fox because, well they are newsmakers — celebrities, heroes, athletes, and yes, politicians want to be on the most viewed cable network on the planet. Politico should rename itself ‘hypocritico.’ They couldn’t be more far left if they tried.”

Bolling reminded “The Five” viewers that Politico editor Jim VandeHei admitted in March that if most reporters he had worked with were under the influence of “truth serum,” they’d admit to voting Democratic. And with that, Bolling pled to Politico CEO Fred Ryan, who also sits on the board of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., to resign his post.

“Ahh nice job, VandeHei — way to expose your left flank,” he said. “But if you looking for the ultimate in Politico hypocrisy, look no further than their chairman, Fred Ryan. Mr. Ryan runs the lefty website while sitting on the board of the Ronald Reagan library. Mr. Ryan, please stop insulting us Reagan conservatives and step down from that board. Do the words ‘conflict of interest’ mean anything to you?”


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