Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Prison Inmate Challenges Obama

Maybe with a better haircut...
A 52-year-old felon with a ponytail, a mullet, a 210-month federal prison sentence — and a surprising amount of political experience — gave President Barack Obama a serious fight Tuesday night in West Virginia’s Democratic primary election. With 41 of 55 counties reporting their results, Keith Russell Judd had collected 49,490 votes statewide, or 42.28 percent of the total.

Although party rules would award Judd at least one Democratic National Convention delegate for winning more than 15 percent of the vote, it’s unclear whether he would actually have a voice at the Charlotte, N.C. event since no one has volunteered to represent him as a delegate. Still, the ultimate outsider was leading Obama in eight counties late Tuesday night.

As disaffection with the president grows nationwide, Obama has already suffered one embarrassing defeat in Oklahoma, where anti-abortion activist Randall Terry won 18 percent of votes in that state’s March primary contest.


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