Thursday, May 17, 2012

Protectionism - The Next Step Toward A Great Depression

This tariff will help some of Obama's biggest donors and will raise the prices of solar panels. At least for residential users, the higher prices will be imposed on idiots who probably vote for Obama.
The United States on Thursday announced the imposition of antidumping tariffs of more than 31 percent on solar panels from China. 

The move, announced by the Commerce Department, is certain to infuriate Chinese officials already upset after recent bilateral frictions over China’s human rights policies and its increasingly confrontational approach toward American allies like the Philippines and Japan. 

The antidumping decision is one of the largest in American history, covering one of the largest and fastest-growing categories of imports from China, the world’s largest exporter. 

The department said the United States bought $3.1 billion worth of Chinese solar cells last year, giving China more than half the American market for the devices. 

Many solar panel installers in the United States have opposed tariffs on Chinese panels, contending that inexpensive imports have helped spur many homeowners and businesses to put solar panels on their rooftops. The new tariffs are likely to mean a substantial increase in the price of solar panels here.


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