Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Racist, Sexist Democrats Shun Native American Female Senate Candidate

Or it could just be that she's a shrill, incompetent, dishonest, inept shrew.
Frustrated by Elizabeth Warren’s demeanor on the campaign trail and impressed by Sen. Scott Brown’s record of bipartisanship in the Senate, a number of centrist Democrats are endorsing the Republican senator in his bid against the one-time Harvard professor.

Former Democratic Boston mayor Ray Flynn officially endorsed Brown Monday afternoon at Castle Island in South Boston.

Flynn, who also served as Bill Clinton’s ambassador to the Vatican, previously said that Brown “adds a dimension to what is necessary, needed in the U.S. Senate. A bipartisan voice, one that is going to place the interests of all the people, not just Republicans, in center.”

Flynn was not the only Massachusetts Democrat to endorse Brown Monday.

Democratic Worcester, Mass. City Councilor and former mayor Konnie Lukes endorsed Brown Monday afternoon at Worcester City Hall, two hours after Flynn offered his endorsement.


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