Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who Decided That Jeremiah Wright Is Off Limits?

The latest shiny object effort to distract voters from Barack Obama’s abysmal record as president was the non-story about a supposed plot by evil, rich Republicans to produce an anti-Obama campaign advertisement that would highlight Obama’s two decade association with the virulently racist, anti-American pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, Jeremiah Wright.

Obama has spoken of Wright in glowing terms and credited Wright with guiding him spiritually. Wright officiated Obamas’ wedding and baptized both of his children. Barack Obama claimed that, when he was away from Chicago on Sundays, he would listen to recordings of the missed sermons. Obama’s memoir, Dreams of my Father, is sprinkled with phrases borrowed from Wright’s sermons.

Guilt by association? Certainly. Even the New York Times, back in early 2007, thought that Obama’s connection to Wright left him damaged goods.

And Obama should be judged by his association with Jeremiah Wright just as he should be judged by his association with Jon Corzine.

Predictably, the Democrat/media complex condemned the idea of an advertising campaign that featured Jeremiah Wright as racist. It seems that we have been transported back in time to 2008, when any criticism of Obama was automatically racist.

But the basic story, which was highlighted on the front page in the New York Times on consecutive days, was actually a lie.

True, a group of rich Republicans had raised millions to oppose Obama’s re-election on the basis of his failed economic policies. The group is named “End Spending,” and, as its name suggests, it is dedicated to stopping Obama’s irresponsible federal spending.
When the group asked for suggestions on how best to achieve its goal, one consultant suggested television advertisements highlighting Obama’s Jeremiah Wright connection. The idea was immediately dismissed as off-topic and incompatible with the group’s economic message.

Nevertheless, the Times managed to make this a two day story about Republican billionaires conspiring to introduce racism into the 2012 campaign, and the rest of the Democrat/media complex joined in.

What makes this story particularly ironic is that Obama surrogates, including the New York Times, have already made an issue of Mitt Romney’s faith.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer claimed that family values Hispanics would not vote for Romney because his family is descended from a particularly extreme cult of Mormon polygamists.

HBO’s Bill Maher, who until recently was the single largest contributor to Obama’s Super PAC, described  Mitt Romney’s only foreign policy experience as proselytizing the French for two years to join his “cult.”

Young Mormon men are expected to serve two year missions, usually to foreign countries. Mitt Romney’s Mormon mission was to France.

MSNBC, which has degenerated into the broadcast edition of the New York Times, has slammed Mormons and Mormonism on several occasions, most venomously by its prime time religious bigot Lawrence O’Donnell. Most recently, O’Donnell claimed that Joseph Smith founded the faith as a matter of convenience, simply to justify his own marital infidelity.

I suppose that this would make Joseph Smith roughly the equivalent of ex-president Bill Clinton, who claimed to have conducted an exhaustive bible study and found that the oral sex he was soliciting from White House intern Monica Lewinsky was not a violation of the Seventh Commandment and therefore not a sin in the eyes of God.

Martin Bashir, the Media Matters representative on MSNBC, actually said that Mitt Romney could not be an effective president because Romney’s faith forbids alcohol consumption.

Does this mean that teetotaler Joe Biden is similarly unfit?

Early on, the Democrat/media complex predicted that evangelical Christians could never accept a Mormon as president. Opinion polls have shown that these bible thumpers are far more open minded than their media caricature suggested.

The Washington Post stepped into its way back machine to remind evangelicals of a particularly unpleasant bit of Mormon history. In 1857, a band of Mormon militiamen slaughtered Arkansas pioneers. The Post’s headline read: "Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith tangles with a quirk of Arkansas history," and tries to hold Romney responsible for the massacre.

And this last week, the New York Times took time to remind its readers that, until a couple of generations ago, the Mormon Church did not fully accept blacks into their church.

And so it seems that, if you’re a Republican, your faith and everyone and everything associated with it, even generations ago, is fair game.

But if you’re Barack Obama, your faith is beyond examination. To do otherwise is racist.


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