Saturday, June 23, 2012

Billions Of Medicare Dollars Sent To - Cuba?

Foreign criminal regimes are exploiting weaknesses in the Medicare system to suck billions out of the program to line their own pockets.
“Clearly, the program vulnerabilities that facilitate billions of dollars to be stolen from the Medicare program each year also allow for some of that money to be funneled to foreign countries,” the three congressmen said.

“While the fraud itself is unacceptable, the loss of American dollars to foreign countries because of flaws in our system is totally unacceptable. The American people deserve the peace of mind to know that federal officials are doing everything they can to safeguard taxpayers’ dollars and the Medicare program.”

“Thus far, it does not appear that CMS has addressed the concept of nominee owners, false storefronts, and shell companies in any of its enrollment regulations or its Provider Screening statement of work,” they said.

Earlier this week, federal officials in Miami charged Oscar Sanchez in connection with a criminal operation that resulted in an estimated $31 million going to Cuban banks.
"Cuban bank" is a euphemism for Fidel Castro's pocket.

No doubt, Nancy Pelosi will argue that this is another reason why we need an even more socialized medicine


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