Thursday, June 28, 2012

Environmentalist War On Women

Environmentalist wackos want to deprive women of their birth control pills.
The is a widespread contraception method. However, large amounts of these modified estrogens leave the body again in urine. The conventional methods in are unable to treat this waste water sufficiently because the most frequently used ethinylestradiol is very difficult to break down. As a result, the hormone finds its way into rivers and lakes and also accumulates in drinking water with serious consequences for fish and other . These range from reproductive and severe developmental disorders to the formation of female in males. The long-term consequences of increasing estrogen pollution for human beings are still largely unknown. Nonetheless, declining sperm counts and thereby increasing infertility in men living in industrial nations may well relate to this hormonal pollution. In addition, testicular and as well as osteoporosis (a reduction in ) could be a consequence of overly high concentrations of estrogen in the human body.


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