Friday, June 08, 2012

Florida Tells Holder To Screw Himself

Leonard Pitts, possibly the worst columnist taking up space at a major American newspaper, complains this week about Florida’s attempt to clean its voter roll in a column entitled ‘GOP Power Play.’
 Specifically, he’s outraged that a voter should have to prove eligibility!

The outrage is that the 19 million people who live in Florida have been so ill served for so long by a lazy, incompetent and incurious press.
You would think after the independent review of the 2008 vote in Minneapolis-St. Paul found that 393 felons had voted, more than enough to eclipse Al Franken’s 312-vote margin of victory just in two counties, journos in Florida, the hotspot of election controversy, would have gotten on the ball and started combing through our voter roll to find out how many felons are on it, and how many dead people, how many non-citizens and how many second home owners already voting Up North. They haven’t. None have, that I’veevery heard. Because they Don’t Care. They don’t a clean roll. Let’s face it. They want a roll they can monkey with.

There’s plenty of evidence the Florida voter roll has lots of ineligible voters on it.

Late last year, South Florida radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman told her listeners she got an absentee ballot in the mail for her mother who had passed away in 2010. Kaufman recounted how she’d contacted the office of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections and submitted the appropriate paperwork for her mother to be removed from the voter rolls. But she wasn’t, and the absentee ballot came in the mail months later, addressed to someone who wasn’t around anymore to vote.

When she came back from the next commercial break, she said a mailman had called to say he’d just delivered 10 absentee ballots to the same home--all of them addressed to people he’d never heard of.
The truth is that federal law requires the states to regularly clean up their voter registration rolls.


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